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All Townsgate In-Home Services, LLC. staff and in-home caregivers have completed extensive training, we emphasize the importance of Respect and Patience, Empathy and Diligence.

We understand that it may feel uncomfortable to have a “stranger” in your home or the home of a loved one, Townsgate In-Home Services, LLC. is here to make this transition as simple and easy as possible. The comfort and safety of our clients is our number one priority.

Our caregivers are educated on ways to listen to clients and find out what their unique interests are. We do this by asking questions about the client’s life, what things they enjoy and discuss topics that perk interest. By doing so we create repour, trust and a professional friendship. At Townsgate In-Home Services, LLC. serving Oak Park, CA we believe in finding that spark to open the minds of each client, no matter what level of cognitive abilities or stage of life. Laugher is one of life’s greatest medicine. Our staff and caregivers laugh, learn and thrive with our clients.

Listed below are some of the basic training courses each caregiver has completed.

Emergency Preparedness

Fire Safety

Infection Control

Implementing Standard Precautions Against Infection

Infection Control Procedures

Fall Prevention

Environmental Factors for Preventing Falls

Safe Transfers

Talking to an Older Adult about Falls Prevention

How to Sense Changes with Age

Normal Aging and Common Diseases & Conditions that occur in advanced aging

Care Responsibilities

Interacting with Your Team and Care Plans

Interacting with Clients and their families about care responsibilities

And much more!

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