Companion Care

We understand that keeping your loved one’s mind and body active is important which is why we provide in-home Companion Care for those who just need a friend or when life gets busy and family isn’t able to be there. Whether in home or an outside facility our caregivers will make sure you or your loved one is mobile, entertained, socialized and living their best life!

Our staff and caregivers at At Townsgate In-Home Services offers 24-Hour in-home care in Ventura, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Sherman Oaks, Santa Barbara and beyond. treat each client with the respect and patience they deserve. Our caregivers are educated on ways to listen to clients and find out what their unique interests are. We do this by asking questions about the client’s life, what things they enjoy and discuss topics that perk interest. By doing so we create repour, trust and a professional friendship. At Townsgate In-Home Services, LLC. we believe in finding that spark to open the minds of each client, no matter what level of cognitive abilities or stage of life. Laugher is one of life’s greatest medicine. Our staff and caregivers laugh, learn and thrive with our clients.

  • Our caregivers escort clients on errands, fun outings, shopping, etc.
  • Play card games, puzzles, read books
  • Escort to and from therapy, doctor’s appointment, pharmacy
  • Listen, engage and share stories or experiences

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Townsgate In-Home Services, LLC. Helping You Live Your BEST Life!

    We provide our Westlake Village caregivers with personalized,
    ongoing educational support to meet each client’s unique needs.